Nippers is an exciting recreational and educational program for 5-13 year old kids with a keen interest in being active and safe around water. Brighton Life Saving Club currently has approximately 250 nippers, cadets and YIPS (Youth Involvement Program) in its membership.


Cadets is for 13-15 year olds, YIPS is for 15-18 year olds with YIPS also becoming Nippers leaders and undertaking patrol duties.


The Brighton Life Saving Club Nippers program is not just about learning life saving skills. It is about learning to fully appreciate the beach and the water, developing friendships, being part of a club and the whole community. It is also about getting kids outdoors and keeping them active. Nippers can be the start of a lifelong journey with a wide range of programs that provide pathways into becoming a lifesaver in the future.


Brighton Life Saving Club encourages whole family involvement, and it is a requirement of enrolment that all members over 18 years MUST have a current working with children check. This enables all parents to take part in weekly duties - both working with groups on the sand and also assisting with kitchen and BBQ rosters.


Nippers, however is not swimming lessons therefore we strongly encourage all parents sending their children to Nippers with limited swimming ability to consider enrolling them into swimming lessons first. This will ensure that they fully benefit from the program once on the beach.


The Nippers program gradually teaches kids basic lifesaving skills required to be safe around an aquatic environment as well as developing their skills to compete in Surf sports.


Our program runs from mid November through to late February on Friday evenings over two sessions of 5pm and 6pm, stopping over the Christmas break.


Our main aim is to have beach fun, but with a focus on beach carnival training. Nipper parents are encouraged to take part in all activities; children under ten years of age must have a parent in attendance.




Re-enrolment is now open for all club members for this years Nipper season. To secure your place, please complete your renewal as soon as possible. Places will be open to new members on the wait list after the 1st of October 2017 so if you haven't renewed your membership by then, we can't guarantee you will have a place held for you.


New Members, please email to register your child on the BLSC Nipper Season 2017/2018 wait list. Wait list registrations open on the 1st October 2017 and are closed once the groups are full to capacity.


Once you have emailed to register your child on the wait list, you will be contacted by the Nipper Adminstration team with details of your wait list registration and what happens next.your registration.  


Renew Membership (Nippers) 


All renewals are now completed online via the Surf Life Saving portal. To renew yourself and your family you must log onto the website and ensure you renew ALL members of your family and process the renewal payment or your renrewal may be delayed.


Family memberships are:

$250 per family and

$30 per child wishing to participate in the Nipper program

(Example: A family with 2 children applying for Nippers would be $310)


**Please note, there is also a compulsory uniform that is required to be purchased through the online shop


Any siblings holding a Surf Rescue Certificate or Bronze Medallion are included in your Family Membership payment until they are 18 and you don't need to pay the $30 Nipper fee for them.  


How to renew a current Family membership


To renew your Family membership only the Primary Contact needs to login.

(If you can't remember which of you is the Primary Contact, please contact Colin Ellicott at and he will be able to assist.


  1. Go to Now called ‘Members Area’
  2. Enter your User name and Password and click Sign In
  3. Once you have logged in click on ‘My Family’,(NOT MY MEMBERSHIP), there will come up your family group name and the number of members listed in your family
  4. Click on ‘Renew memberships’
  5. Tick the boxes of who to renew and tick the acknowledge box then submit
  6. Next will come up a question Share Data if you have moved house etc. tick that and press save
  7. Next will come up Success
  8. Below this is 'Click here if you wish to pay online'. Click on this and it will take you to the payment gateway. To see a schedule of fees click on this box in the payment area. Click here to view price list. Brighton LSC will be listed as the entity to pay so you should not need to change this.
  9. In the Transaction Type select from the drop down box 'Membership fee' and type in relevant details for the payment. i.e. Pratt family membership renewal or B. Pratt Nipper payment. You can do one translation line of the family fee and Nippers together or you can do multiple lines if you wish to break it down
  10. Once details are filled in press Submit.

**If you have forgotten your User Name and/or password, click the link at the bottom of the page 'Forgotten your password' and you will be able to have your user name and the password in a document and save it as something like lifesaving membership.


Once you have it, log in and go to ‘Personal Details’ then ‘Change Password’ and make an easier password. Once you have this please write your username and the password in a document and save it as something like lifesaving membership.


Note: If you do not use the correct registered email address the system will not be able to match your details so please ensure you are using the email address or phone number you registered the account with.

Registering a New Siblings


Siblings of current members can join the Nipper program by simply going to and completing their details. Once all renewals for your family are received and payment is complete, they will be processed and linked into your family group.


Please note that any children who are registering for the Nipper program must have turned 5 by the 30th September of the current year.





- 10/11/17 (First Night & Proficiency Swim)

- 17/11/17

- 24/11/17 (Burger Night)

- 1/12/17 

- 8/12/17

- 15/12/17 (Scavenger Hunt & Pizza Night)


Christmas Break & School Holidays


- 2/2/18 (First night back for 2018)

- 9/2/18

- 16/2/18 (Club Champs)

- 23/2/18

- 2/3/18 (Presentations and Nipper Disco)


*Note there is no Nipper beach program this night. It is just the presentation and Nipper Disco. 




All members over the age of 18 (parents included) are required by Brighton Life Saving Club (BLSC) and Life Saving Victoria (LSV) to have a valid WWCC.


Our record of WWCC checks is kept current on the receipt of a letter from the Department of Justice. So if the club is not listed or the address is wrong on your application, we do not recieve that letter.


If you do not have a current card or you have not updated your card to reflect the details for Brighton LSC, please jump over to:


We will be following up with members throughout the season to ensure their details have been updated as it is a requirement of the club and LSV that all members have valid cards.


This is to protect our kids and it's FREE so no reason not to get it done.





To ensure that our much sort after Nipper program runs well, we need our families to get behind it and help from time to time.


We are always looking for members who would be interested in becoming Coaches, Age Managers, First Aid Officers, Catering and Kitchen Assistants and Beach Helpers.


We are asking parents to volunteer their time over the season per child.


At the start of Spring, we send out our sigh up roster to all renewed members for the coming season. By helping us by volunteering your time, we ensure that the program runs smoothly and everyone enjoys the night!


Every state in Australia has the same legislation. In order to run our Nipper program, we need the assistance of all the parents too. Being an aquatic environment, the supervision ratio is increased and we have many of our young qualified lifesavers assisting, many of them in the water. Consequently, we need helpers on the beach and in the clubhouse in the kitchen.


All of the tasks are classed as working with children and consequently anybody over the age of eighteen is required to hold a 'Working With Children Check'. We have to keep a list of all people involved and their 'Working With Children Check' registrations. In order for this all to happen, you all need to be registered members of the club. So not only do your children need to be members of Surf Life Saving Australia, so do you.





Or you just have a question?

Drop us an email:









The Nipper admin team is responsible for adminsitering the Nippers program. Members of the admin team are easily identified by their red shirts.


A 'front desk' information table is manned each Friday night of Nippers with two admin team members. This is an important part of the Nippers program as many parents have questions. They can also assist with uniform purchases and first aid. Parents with a first aid qualification are encouraged to join the team on a roster basis. 


The admin team also oversees the weekly sausage sizzle. A small group of dedicated parents provides the logistics each week. They are supported by a roster of all families that are enrolled in the program. Each family is required to assist once per season.





The age manager has one of the most important roles in surf lifesaving. They are responsible for caring for and nurturing the future Australian surf life savers. Their role is both to help develop our young people into the lifesavers of the future and to rpovide the supportive environment in which they can learn and devleop.


An age manager is responsible for the care, safety, wellbeing and development of the junior life saver. An age manager is responsible for facilitating the developnent of the junior life saver. An age manager is responsible for facilitating the development of surf lifesaving skills (movement skills, surf awareness, etc) and personal skills (confidence, teamwork, leadership, etc).


Managers work with the groups' coach and assistant. They are responsible for keeping accurate records, maintaining the sign in sheet, parent rosters, communicating with parents and admin and are identified by their grey shirts.





The Nipper water safety team are tasked with providing additional supervision to that of the coach during water activities.  


Members of the water safety team are easily identified by their fluoro orange rash vests and caps. To be a member of this group, you need to hold a current SRC (Surf Rescue Certificate or Bronze Medallion). 






Parents can become coaches, age managers or assistants for Nipper groups and are actively encouraged to consider these roles. Families with children on the waiting list who undertake regular roles will be given priority admission to the program.


Please email Claire Pratt at should you wish to find out more information about these leadership roles.


Additionally, all families are asked to participate as an additional parent helper for their child's group and will be required to sign up on the roster prior to the season commencing. 


Each family is also asked to assist in the kitchen once per season.


When on duty, please arrive on time and check in with your coach or age manager.


All club members over the age of 18 must hold a current Working With Children Check.




The following declaration is part of submitting for Applicationfor Membership of BLSC:


- Declaration for the purpose of this Decalaration, the word 'Association' will signify the Surf Life Saving Association of Australia Limited and it's subsidiary companies and it's affiliated State Centres, Branches and Clubs and other sub groups and members


- I hereby accept responsibility for my safety and personal possessions. I acknolwedge and understand that activities of the Association may be dangerous in training, patrol activities, competition and rescue and I hereby attest and verify that I have no disabilities which may restrict my participation or ability to take part in Association activities in the membership category applied for


- I hereby consent to recieve medical treatment which may be deemed advisable in the event of an injury, accident and/or illness whilst involved in Assocaition activities


- I hereby agree to accep by the respective Rules, Regulations and Resolutions of my Club and the Association


- I hereby represent the information given in this application form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge


- I tender the appropriate fees necessary for the consideration and accpetance of my Application for Membership


- I acknowledge and understand that acceptance of my Application for Membershipp does not guarantee acceptance into any course, program or event offered by my club


Got a question? Hit us up via email or check out our Facebook page!


Can't wait to see you all again on the beach soon!


Claire Pratt

Nippers Coordinator - Brighton Life Saving Club

Email -