Nipper's Competition


Competitions are an exciting part of Life Saving. They are held throughout the summer season at Bayside and ocean beaches on a local and state level.


Events are designed to teach children beach safety, surf skills, strength and fitness which is required if they become volunteer Life Savers in the future.


They are conducted on land and water and may include:

  • Wade (team event)
  • Surf/swim (individual & team)
  • Board (individual & team)
  • Iron - swim, board, run
  • Sprint
  • Long distance (1-2km)
  • Flags


To participate in competitions, children must demonstrate swimming proficiency applicable to their age group.


Competitions are fantastic way to strengthen friendships and team cohesiveness. We encourage all nippers to participate and even attend if not competing to 'cheer-on' the team.

Club Championships

Each nipper age group takes part in a number of club championship events across weeks of the program, with a final ‘champs’ night being held towards the end of the season.


These events give nippers the opportunity to put into practice many skills learnt over the season, and also to test themselves against others in the same age group.


Club Champions are decided by a points system, which incorporates:

  • places in events
  • attendance over the season
  • S-badge completion (carnival pre-requisite)
  • carnival attendance - to compete for Brighton LSC.

Champs are awarded trophies on presentation night at the end of each season.