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Hi All,

There are 2 stages: Application & Payment, and both steps have to be done before we can process your application

  1. GO TO
  2. If you have not been a member of a surf club, select NO, then click on JOIN
  3. Select Surf Life Saving Club
  4. In the prompt box, write BRI
  5. Select BRIGHTON LSC (Vic)
  6. For a junior to join the Nipper program, select MY FAMILY
  7. For single memberships not involved in the Nipper program, select INDIVIDUAL
  8. Then complete your child's family name to group your family under
  9. Then complete your own name as the primary, family contact, date of birth, sex and mobile number - you will be the primary controlling member of your family group
  10. Click on ADD FAMILY MEMBER and complete these details for each member of your family over 5 years of age 
  11. Once  you have completed these details for each member of your family and added the address, you will make a Username that you will use to access your family details and renew memberships. This will give you access to the Members Area where you can update, any of your details
  12. Acknowledge the declarations
  13. Then make your payment
  14. Select the ONLINE PAYMENT BOX
  15. Do the Family Membership Fee of $200 and an additional $30 per child enrolling for the Nipper program. This payment needs to be made before we can process you as a financial member
  16. Select MEMBERSHIP FEE, add membership fee and all the Nipper fees, then in comment write Nippers' names 

  17. For more detailed instructions, click on the following link: How to Join as a New Member - Brighton LSC  - if you have previously been a member of SLSA, click on: How to Re-join after a period of Absence 

Schedule of Membership Annual Subscriptions

BLSC Memberships 2021-2022 

Associate ($110)

Person not holding a Life Saving Victoria Award, or a parent, guardian or spouse of a member (who cannot fulfill the duties of an active member) - subject to Board approval. 

*If applying for Associate Membership,the BLSC Application For Associate Membership Form, will need to be completed and sent through to the following email address: 

BLSC Application - Associate Membership Form 

Active - Senior ($90)

Person 18 years and over at 30th September 2021

Active - Junior ($90)

Person 15 to 17 years as at 30th September 2021

Family Subscription ($200)

Family membership includes dependents until they turn 18. NB: All Juniors under 15 years must be part of a Family Membership. No single Nipper Memberships

Nippers Annual Fee ($30)

Per Child registered in Nippers Program. i.e. Family with 2 children in Nippers Program is a total of $260

Working with Children

Every State in Australia has the same legislation - in order to run our programs, of which many involve children and being an aquatic environment, the supervision ratio is increased. All of the tasks are classed as working with children and consequently anybody over the age of eighteen is required to hold a 'Working With Children Check'.

We have to keep a list of all people involved and their 'Working With Children Check' registrations. In order for this to happen, you all need to be registered members of the club. Consequently, all members of Surf Life Saving Australia, need to be registered.

Also by being registered members, you and the club are covered for Workcare and insurances. Our record of WWCC checks is kept current on the receipt of a letter from the Department of Justice. So if the club is not listed or the address is wrong on your application, we do not receive that letter.  

How to apply for your WWCC

Your registration for Working With Children, will appear in your details. 

Mobile: 0408 623 945
PS (If you don’t intend renewing, please drop me a line and I will archive your family so you don’t receive any more emails)