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Life Saving Pathways

The Surf Rescue Certificate and the Bronze Medallion are great achievements and if you have them, you rank amongst the few; well done! But these qualifications are only the beginning.

The table below highlights the qualifications and certificates you can go for are you develop your skills as a Surf Life Saver. So have a look and have a go. What new qualifications can you get this season?

For more information and to find out what training opportunities are available, contact your Patrol Captain, Education Director or any other senior member of the club for more info.

*Cannot be trained by Brighton. LSV will run a course sometime throughout the year.

To enrol in any of these courses, please log into with your LSM member training account. Then select Courses, New Awards, then search for the course you wish to attend, following the calendar prompts to view available dates and subsequently enrol in the course.

Lifesaving Awards Pathways (Image 1).png (1119×768)

Lifesaving Awards Pathways (Image 2).png (792×970)Lifesaving Awards Pathways (Image 2).png (792×970)Lifesaving Awards Pathways (Image 2).png (792×970)

Lifesaving Awards Pathways (Image 3).png (773×592)

Lifesaving Awards Pathways (Image 4).png (760×593)

Lifesaving Awards Pathways (Image 5).png (763×900)

Lifesaving Awards Pathways (Image 6).png (756×709)